Agreement Stands Cancelled

Dec 2nd, 2020 | By | Category: Uncategorized

Hello, since the agreement was concluded in 2008, the buyer did not come forward to execute the deposit of the sale, so you have no options to issue legal information for the termination of the sale contract and also clearly indicated in the legal notice of forfeiture of the amount of the advance. This cannot be advised, because it will help him to go to court in some way for a renewed contract, so that idea can backfire. You can remain silent about this, given that it is an unregified sales contract and is restricted, that any action it has filed or filed cannot be maintained, and that there can be no recourse on this issue, so that, as proposed, you can continue to sell the property to a third person and it can also acquire freely. , because there is no charge on them. as the real estate purchase agreement was not registered. The registered sales contract concluded 5 years ago is no longer valid and prescribed. 1. Any person against whom a written instrument is null or void and who reasonably fears that such an instrument, if it remains in default, may inflict serious injury on it, may take legal action to quash or annul it; and the court may, at its sole discretion, assess and order it for served and annulled. 2) According to your agreement, if the payment was not made on time, a sales contract may be cancelled on 29.10.2008. Second, the sales contract is not a registered document with a correct unpaid stamp duty, so it is not allowed in evidence. Even if this is considered to be the receipt of the money received, the right to return the money is also prescribed by restrictions. In addition, the agreement clearly prevents the purchaser from claiming the amount for non-performance of the contract within the time frame set out in the unregord sales contract.

Therefore, the buyer is in all aspects of the loss of the debt. However, if you are willing to return the amount of the advance, you can decide, but rest assured that he is not allowed to prohibit you from selling the property to a third party, if he gives himself to such an act, a criminal complaint can be filed against him for illegal extortion and threatens terrible consequences.

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