List Of Working Agreement

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RAN4 Way Forward on NR Sync Raster had persistent opposition from a small minority that prevented a consensus. The working agreement for the sequel was concluded in R4-1803438. Let`s start with the definition: work agreements are standards or guidelines developed by a team to improve its interactions for higher performance and create a common language. In practice, these agreements define the expectations of the group, define paths of cooperation and create the kind of atmosphere necessary for sensitive and psychologically safe work. You`ll learn why it`s important, what`s in it, and how to create one. Following the results of the FS_LTE_UDC study, TSG RAN#77 2 discussed solutions for compressing UL data in LTE. A clear majority voted in favour of the DEFLATE solution and a minority rejected it. Thus, on 13.09.2017, a working agreement was concluded to approve the new WI-RP-172076 for the DEFLATE solution. The main advantage of employment agreements is their applicability. Since everyone has agreed to abide by the rules, the application of these rules becomes less complicated in the event of an infringement.

If you`ve agreed on your group agreement, make sure it`s visible to everyone – ideally, have it written on a whiteboard, flipchart paper, or overhead projector. Let all team members come together to define your custom list. Remember that your role is to moderate.

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