Source Code Copyright Agreement

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The software provider does not guarantee the effectiveness of the source code as soon as it has been accepted by the licensee. All software contained in this Source Code License Agreement and all documentation contained in this software are provided in an “as intended” state. All disputes related to this Agreement will be resolved in accordance with the laws of [Software.ProviderState] and all legal actions will take place as such. PandaTip: The Term and Termination section of this proposal sets out the terms for termination of this Source Code Agreement by either party. By accepting this source code license agreement [License.Total], the software provider has granted full licenses to be used as authorized. These licenses are considered permanent and non-transferable. This source code license agreement is between [Sender.FirstName] [Sender.FirstName] (software provider) and [Licensee.FirstName] [Licensee.LastName] (licensee). While the term of this Agreement may be unlimited, this Agreement may be terminated immediately in the event of a breach of the terms set forth in this Agreement. This agreement begins with [Agreement.CreatedDate]. Both parties have been informed of all the conditions set out in the source code license agreement. By signing below, both parties accept and accept this Agreement. In addition, the software provider exempts the licensee from any damage related to the source code. During the course of this agreement, “Software” is defined as any source code, object code, link libraries, help programs, project files, and scripts related to the above software.

All messages relating to this Source Code License Agreement must be sent either by email, in person, or by registered letter to the address provided below….

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