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Proof of Age, Social Security Number (SIN) and Educational/Training Materials To apply for apprenticeship training in Ontario, you must have documented proof of age, SIN and education/training that the ministry can verify and verify. MLTSD uses this application to assess your eligibility for a registered training contract under which you will receive training from a sponsor in a required profession as part of a training program. With this request, you authorize MLTSD to verify all the information provided. The apprenticeship is funded in part by the WDA and the LMDA. As part of these agreements, MLTSD is required to collect your Social Security Number in order to provide reports to Canada so that it can monitor and evaluate the Employment Insurance program under s. 3 of the Employment Insurance Act (EIA) and to track the progress of all clients participating in programs and services funded under these agreements The information you provide on education level, immigration status, employment insurance eligibility, Francophone status and prior participation in specific training programs contributes to the development of guidelines and programs to support training diplomas u nd to better remedy ir the reporting obligations of the Canada-Ontario WDA. Your personal data on this form and in all other communications related to training and related programs is used by MLTSD to manage and fund the Ontario Apprenticeship Program. MLTSD collects relevant personal information directly from you and indirectly from your education authority, employer, sponsor, training organization, Employment Ontario (EO) service provider, Ontario College of Trades (the College) and Canada for these purposes, and may also share your personal data with these organizations. MLTSD may use the services of other Ontario ministries, contractors and auditors to manage and fund learning. You may be contacted to request your voluntary participation in surveys and public relations campaigns related to learning. NOTE: Before completing the application form, institutions, agencies or organisations wishing to attend school training must read the Apprenticeship Training Delivery Agent (TDA) approval process guidelines (PDF, 52 KB). Apprenticeship TDAs are approved by the Department of Employment and Training, Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development. MLTSD will transmit to the university your personal data, including your contact information and registered training agreement, in accordance with section 80 of the Ontario College of Trades and Apprenticeship Act (OCTAA), 2009, if it is necessary for the university to perform its duties.

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