What To Ask For In A Commercial Lease Agreement

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Most landlords won`t sign unless you personally guarantee the lease, so consider yourself extremely happy if you can get away with signing a lease without such a clause. Go online to find out the typical cost of renting commercial space in the area. You are considering, so you have a point of reference. CityFeet.com, LoopNet, and Commercial Search are good resources for this. Most leases use the term “CAM” instead of spelling “common area maintenance.” A percentage of the CAM fee for which you are responsible should be allocated to you. Your fees are based on the percentage of the building you are renting. Make sure that the percentage is based on the overall size of the building and that it does not depend on the amount of building rented at any given time. If you are a new or growing business, you will appreciate the importance of committing to a new commercial real estate lease. This is an agreement that binds you to a local for a set period of time, so it`s important that you make sure you choose the right workspace for you, your employees, and your customers. If you are unsure of short-term needs, consider a shorter lease (para. B two or three years). “You can pay more per square foot for a shorter lease, but at least you can leave more easily if you have to,” says Prikker.

The exact square footage is important because commercial rent is paid by the square foot. You don`t want to pay for square feet that you can`t use. Measure the space yourself and if it is smaller than the landlord claims, you have a discount on the rent. 5. Can you renew? Once your current lease expires, a landlord is not required by law to offer you the same (or a different space). If you haven`t agreed on an extension formula and you have a clause that guarantees you`ll get the first rights to the space after your lease expires, you`re probably paying the prevailing market price to stay. When the lawyer moved in, his friend sent flowers and champagne. A little later, he asked – apologizing – if the lease had not yet been concluded. “Well, with the move and everything, we are a little behind on our papers,” the lawyer admitted. “But everything is standard.” Commercial real estate leases have many more variables than residential leases. Between how different companies use their space and the high percentage of businesses that fail, you have a lot of money to lose if you forget to ask an important question before signing this lease. However, commercial landlords often put a price on the actual rent of the property and then accumulate additional costs such as landscaping, security, garbage collection, or housekeeping (if they are in a shared facility) that can add up quickly.

These are often collectively referred to as “IMRs” (taxes, maintenance and insurance) in commercial leases. In addition, you will often find buried in the fine print of many commercial real estate leases that while the rent may not change or change without the tenant`s initial right to refuse to continue the lease, the additional costs may increase with little or no warning depending on the landlord`s will. The landlord may increase your base rent in return, but this takes away much of the “mystery fee” from the rent. .

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