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2.1 Identify a set of coaching and mentoring models that meet the needs of the organization. 5. Strengthen coaching and mentoring opportunities 4.2 Evaluate and implement recommendations to improve coaching and mentoring strategy as needed. 5.2 Celebrate and reward positive change through coaching and mentoring agreements. 5.1 Recognition and recognition of the positive contributions of individuals to coaching and mentoring agreements. The postponement of a coaching session is easily possible with a corresponding announcement. Please allow a deadline of at least 24 hours for appointment changes. Between coaching sessions, the client may feel free to send the coach an SMS or email. The coaching contract can be modified at any time by negotiation. 2.4 Identify the range of phases of coaching and mentoring relationships and ensure flexibility within the framework. This course is suitable for individuals with significant technical or professional knowledge who are expected to provide one-on-one coaching to others as part of their professional responsibilities over a period of time. It is particularly suitable for supervisors, team leaders and industry trainers who need to coach other people in organization-specific tasks and activities. The course is also suitable for coaches in the cabin.

Coaching is an ongoing relationship between the coach and the client. This relationship greatly increases the chances of success for the coaching client, as changing habits and creating opportunities is a process. It is the coaching structure that facilitates the process of personal, professional and/or spiritual development. The client and coach agree that the coaching relationship will be shaped together. The client has the services of the coach for the duration of the appointment. During this time, the client identifies the required coaching area and a dynamic coaching process is created. A dynamic coaching session can cover many areas of the client`s life, it is agreed that the study of these areas contributes to the overall quality of coaching. The coach undertakes to inform the client if he perceives a change in the direction of coaching as necessary or necessary. The coach will maintain a high level of communication about the coaching process during the session. 1.3 Describe the benefits to all parties involved in coaching and mentoring to ensure consistency with the organization`s philosophy and objectives.

1.2 Implement and promote a coaching and mentoring framework linked to other HR strategies within the organization. All coaching sessions are one hour or 30 minutes or a combination of these. The fee will be charged to the customer`s credit card and charged separately. Payment on deposit can be accepted by negotiation. An hourly rate of up to $155 per hour for in-person visits and $125 per hour for virtual appointments applies to all coaching sessions, unless a program has been purchased. If you are coached as part of a program, the program fee applies. All fees and charges are defined as exclusive GST. Program fees must be paid prior to the start of the program, unless it is negotiated individually. The costs of the program are not reimbursed, but are withheld so that the client can reinstate his coaching program within a reasonable and mutually agreeable time. 4.1 Encourage those involved in coaching and mentoring to reflect on organizational processes, organizational support and their activities to identify opportunities for improvement and innovation.

3.2 Identify opportunities for mentoring and coaching and communicate with stakeholders. 2.3 Develop and monitor the requirements of coaching and mentoring contracts/agreements in accordance with the strategy. .

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