Sale Of Law Firm Agreement

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Tom Blandford, partner of accountant Armstrong Watson, answers frequently asked questions about the sale of a law firm. The effects of Covid-19 are dealt with in FAQ 28. (Updated to September 16, 2020) A big part of that is to be profitable and succeed, but I`m sure you`ve already done it! The particular nuance, when it comes to sales, is to ensure that the business can survive without the contractors. TMB lawyers help you not only help companies plan for future contingencies, but also manage your business log, resolutions, non-competition agreements, business contracts and other legal issues. Work with you to create a solid legal foundation and ensure a systematic share sale process in your business. The fastest I`ve ever done was six weeks. However, it was a distressed sale and a unique set of circumstances. Three to six months is more common. Let`s start with the rules of the model.

The first state to adopt rules for the sale of a practice was the State of California in 1989. The ABA adopted a Model 1.17 rule in 1990, adopted by most staffs. When selling a law firm, ABA Rule 1.17b requires that all practice – or all practice – be sold. You cannot sell a horizontal segment of an exercise. You have to sell the whole firm. And it can be sold either for a fixed amount or for an amount that depends on future income. The fixed amount is actually calculated on the basis of the past benefit and the amount that depends on future income is often referred to as “earning”. If you sell a practice, can the selling lawyer continue to practice in the field sold? And the answer is no; You need to put an end to the practice in this area. But the rule doesn`t say how fast you need to end the practice.

The transition of clients from a sales lawyer to a company or a buying lawyer does not need to be immediate or abrupt. The fees cannot be increased by the sale. And of course, termination and customer confidentiality are necessary. The selling lawyer must notify each client, by certification, that the practice is sold, that the client has the option to recruit a new lawyer or have his file returned, and if no word is received by the client within 30 days, consent is presumed that the seller can in principle transfer this file to the purchase lawyer.

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