Section 104 Agreement Anglian Water

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Anglian Water conducts a thorough investigation of all violations of drinking water quality standards and takes appropriate corrective action to resolve problems immediately. In the event of a public health hazard related to the quality of drinking water, the company immediately informs customers and advises them not to drink the water until the risk has been eliminated. For more information, check out and choose “Drinking Water Quality” from the menu. This way, you can search for the results of water quality tests for your zip code area. We do not allow any changes to the text of the treaty. Changes to names, addresses, certificates, etc. are allowed, but we ask you to contact us before the changes. Our Legal-Telemetry team is in contact with our clients` legal team and Anglian Water Legal regarding the creation and distribution of all channel launch and diversion agreements. We have prepared some instructions on some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our clients to help you continue your agreement and allow us to honor your agreement in the most effective way possible. Anglian Water records test results by postcode area to monitor water quality. A sample of properties is tested in each area, and if one of these features fails, the entire area is recorded as an error. Owners of the property that did not exist receive a letter informing them of the problem and, if necessary, the necessary corrective measures.

Geodesy is the official provider of drainage and water research for the Anglian Water area, but we also offer drainage and water research services, environmental reports, flood reports, soil stability and subsidence reports, operational reports, planning histories and local authorities for residential and commercial real estate throughout England and Wales. We will review applications for the introduction of new existing sewers or sewers. If we accept your channel, an adoption agreement will have to be reached. They are also responsible for coordinating all pumping stations that are part of the agreements under Section 104, Section 30, Section 185 and Section 102. Residents` associations have administrative functions, but are not landowners.

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